It's a desert out there! Depending on where you live on this great big beautiful blue marble, this might be figurative or literal, but, regardless of your actual GPS position, we're all looking to find ways to stay hydrated.

I've never been accused of being a sports writer, so I definitely won't be starting this hydration blog post by reminding everyone that our bodies are 60% water.

As humans, from time to time we might take on certain unpleasant characteristics familiar to the greater animal kingdom, but one of those isn't being like a camel(though I MIGHT admit to having one or two hump-like fatty deposits on my backside at certain periods of my life).

Each day I exercise vigorously for 20-30 minutes, alternating running on one day, and then strength/resistance training on the next. Always along for the ride is my large go-to insulated water bottle; but, you don't have to be a neurotic(I always experience exercise guilt when I miss a workout!), exerciser like myself to step up your hydrating game for overall good health.

I never drink out of clear containers....If you ask any one of my friends or family, they would tell you that it's a peculiar habit of mine to always be sipping on something throughout the day. Though, as a rule, I never need encouragement to wet my whistle, I always try to think ahead, and pack some nutritionally dense snacks and good sources of hydration, depending on my plans for the day.

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The adage, "drink eight 8 oz. glasses of water a day", is actually still very sound, and can be used as a hydration baseline. Your body uses these liquids to power its organs, maintain skin(the largest organ), work your muscles and keep all bodily processes, well-processing!

Just think how often you see people carrying water bottles, even when they're going on relatively short excursions. It's becoming routine now to always grab a bottle when you go. There are plenty of ways to help keep your fluid levels up, even if you're not a heavy drinker(of water). How to properly hydrate:

  • Be a smooth sipper and chug a fruit laden, yogurt dense smoothie from your favorite juice bar. I'll start with cucumber and strawberry, and then go heavy with melons.
  • Remember, "Milk does a body good."? Well, it DOES! Because it's nutritionally balanced with protein, carbs and some fat, it actually hydrates your body very quickly.
  • "Eat your vegetables." At the risk of piling on here and sounding more and more like your parents, I'll just let this one speak for itself.
  • I was going to say, "Chicken soup is good for your soul", but as I'm not qualified or fully ordained as yet, let's just say, "Brothy soups are good for your bowl." Soup is a wonderful way to hydrate and just make yourself feel better all over. I won't fight it. Grandma was right!
  • I might get a little grief for this next bunch, but even low caffeine coffees, teas and sodas(gulp...), can help keep you hydrated when better options aren't available. If you can help it, try to limit these and substitute healthier choices.
  • How to rehydrate? If you're expending a lot of energy(more than usual), and sweating, sports drinks(not energy drinks!), are the way to go. These contain carbs and electrolytes(I finally got to use the word!), that increase energy and help you absorb water. Be selective and watch out for excessive caffeine and sugar levels in these products. 
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Here are some extra hacks and shortcuts I've developed over the years to help me stay hydrated and healthy.

  1. I always drink water when I eat out. Admittedly this first started when I was CHEAP and wanted/needed to keep my restaurant bill lower, but over the years, it's stayed with me.
  2. I love adding a slice of citrus(lime, lemon or orange), and even a slice of cucumber to my gym water bottle. I seem to gain extra energy and motivation with that extra KICK of essential oils and flavonoids(I got to use that word, too!!).
  3. Another overlooked hack in the hydrating game is to TRY and wear weather appropriate clothing! Staying hydrated means understanding your surroundings. Don't over dress when it's warm or humid outside, and don't underdress when it's cold and windy. Whenever your body has to overcompensate for heat or cold, you're going to lose some water due to increased heart rate. Dress in layers, so that you can add or subtract whenever you need to. 
  4. I try to avoid overly salty foods whenever I can. Ever notice how thirsty you get after that value meal from the drive-thru, ramen at home, or your favorite Chinese take out? When your cells sense an increased sodium intake, they immediately tell your brain to DRINK WATER! Listen to your body. It's telling you to limit the salt. 
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Well, that didn't take too long! If you found just one thing helpful in this article that you're thinking about incorporating into your daily routine, then I'll consider this blog a BIG success!

I think we covered some bases and I even managed to actually use several big exercise sports writer keywords like, flavonoids and  electrolytes! Maybe there's hope for my budding exercise sports writing career after all! Either way, I'm okay with it...

For some additional interesting ideas about hydration for health, please visit this informative WebMD site page. 

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~See you all next time!  

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